Grubhub Collaborates with Samsung on Family Hub 2.0

Deciding What’s for Dinner When You Have an Empty Fridge Just Got Easier

Grubhub, the nation’s leading takeout marketplace, has announced an exciting collaboration with Samsung that makes it easier than ever to solve an age old problem when faced with an empty fridge – figuring out what’s for dinner.  Grubhub will be available on the touchscreen of the  Family Hub 2.0 refrigerator, making it possible to order a meal for delivery, all with a few taps on the refrigerator door.

Grubhub’s Family Hub 2.0 app, which will be available in the coming months, provides a more convenient kitchen experience. Grubhub’s interface will be available to use on the Family Hub’s 21.5-inch LED touchscreen, which also serves as an interactive digital bulletin board.

“We want to be there for our diners when they face the common problem of coming home to an empty fridge,’ said Sudev Balakrishnan Senior Vice President of Product, Grubhub. “Through our collaboration with Samsung, we can offer another quick and convenient way to order food from local restaurants, whenever the craving hits.”

Diners will notice a similar mobile web experience when using the fridge as they would using their smartphone or tablet. Family Hub 2.0 will be available across a full range of Samsung’s popular refrigerator models.

“Samsung Electronics is very excited to work closely with Grubhub, the nation’s leading online and mobile food ordering company, to provide our customers with even more convenience to streamline their busy lives,” said Sunggy Koo, VP of Digital Appliances at Samsung Electronics. “The Family Hub refrigerator is built with food management in mind, and the Grubhub app will make it easier than ever for customers to order their favorite meals for delivery, without leaving the kitchen.”

The new product integration will be available on the Family Hub 2.0 model to new and existing Grubhub diners.

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For more information on Family Hub 2.0, see Samsung’s announcement.